R.A.N International has extensive experience in implementing e-Government projects, offering solutions that are developed, tested and customized to meet the needs specified by the customers.

Our Modular Platform approach to design allows you to incorporate additional functionality as needed, to configure a solution that is an exact match for your needs. Our solutions allow organizations to focus on their business needs and remove the burdens and worries of infrastructure, completeness of specifications, optimal design and user interfaces. The ability to configure our proven and reliable solutions eliminates the time, cost and risks associated with conventional design and build approaches. Whether you’re looking for on premise, on demand or a hosted solution, we can deliver a solution that meets your needs.

The system is designed to adapt to changing needs, improve usability and streamline workflows, consolidate reliable data sources, provide field inspectors and the public with access to accurate information and interact with other jurisdictional systems. Because these solutions are data- and rules-driven, the various governmental departments will get the benefits of a fully customized system, without the associated costs.

We provide end to end IT solutions, mobile applications and web portals to the Government/Agencies/Departments helping them to become more efficient, accessible and also reform the citizen's experience. We offer a scalable, secure and innovative platform with powerful solutions in Permitting, Licensing, Code Compliance, Public Safety, Public Health, Vehicle Safety, Tax Compliance, Freedom of Information Compliance, Legal Compliance and Courts Automation.

Whether you choose our Grants Management Solution, our Courts and Justice Solution, our Freedom of Information Solution or one of our Permitting, Compliance and Licensing Solutions, you can rest assured that you are choosing a Modular Enterprise Platform that will continue to evolve as technologies and your organization change. You can also rest assured that our 20+ years of dedication to each customer’s success comes with every solution. We offer a wide range of solutions that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your enterprise, today and in the future.