SmartCAB is a fully integrated end to end solution for the Taxi industry. It combines traditional Fleet Management with Driver and Vehicle Management modules. Automatic Disptach and electronic Fare processing are standard components. Maintenance and electronic logbooks for both vehicle and driver are standard as well used for compliance requirements.

Innovative Execution Of FMS and Ride Hailing Services
Our unique combination of integrating FMS with traditional taxi services provides the operater a turnkey system with increased ROI and reduced operational cost.
Safety For BOTH Driver and Passenger
Our system includes features for saftety for both driver and passenger. Paninc buttones as well as in vehilce surveillance provide an added layer of safety. "She Taxi" options to give comfort to passengers. Managed alerts at the control room allow for interaction with authorities for immediate response.
Fully Electronic With Smart Phone Apps
Our system through use of the smart phone allows for cashless transactions which are safer for the driver. All transactions are secured through world class encryption and security measures that are already resideint in smart phones as proven technology.
Real Time Porcessing & Reporting
A full suite of real time algorithms are continuously run looking for event anomolies. Numerous reports and dashboards can be configured to management needs allowing for real time tracking of assets.