SmartFMS is a suite of Fleet Management products from a headless tracking module to a full in vehicle display. This system provides for central management of fleet assests and has advanced functions such as remote vehicle disable.

Innovative Vehicle Electronics
Ranging from a small hidden module to in vehicle based display systems. The electronics not only provides location information but can connect to the vehicle data bus for additional data capture. The FMS is smart, it will process continuously for specific events like aggressive driving or module tampering.
FORCE - Focus On Reducing Cost Everyhwere
With our FMS system you will reduce fuel usage, better manage maintanence programs all while reducing operational cost. Bad driver behaviour which can be costly will become a thing of the past as driving activities are monitored in real time. Combine this with Geofencing, unintended stops will also be a thing of the past.
Electronic Logbooks
Compliance is becoming mandatory in many areas. With our logbook, not only can we track individual drivers as well as the vehicle and its entire maintanence history. Alerts can be initiated if duty time goes beyond allowed limits. Logs can easily be emailed from the vehicle on request or from the central control room.
Dashboards & Reports
The system is centrally monitored with mapping of asset location and key performance indicators on dashboards. You will have the ability to playback historical information on a per asset basis. Various reports and analytics can be run against the collected data to provide baseline trends and deeper insight into operations.