Our SmartGRID is a collection of components that help support the Smart City vision. With a connecting fabric of different networking technologies and intelligent endpoints such as smart meters we utilize a government services platform to provide the necessary tools for management and complete system implemntation. The SmartGRID vision is a holistic approach to bring services to the pubic that add value and encourages their engagement.

Intelligent Endpoints & Smart Meters
We have smart meters for water, gas and power. Other intelligent sensors to help manage distribution networks as well as provide intelligent automation to processes. We reduce human error and labor requirements though technology and automation.
Value In Large Data
You cannot manage what you don't measure. So measure everything. There is huge value buried deep inside the data. We will show you how to extract it and utilize it to enhance your decision making and customer service.
Connected Apps
Our platform includes the customer. We have apps to manage accounts, customer concerns, usage information and interactive alerts. Customer engagement is a tenant of making smart cities smart.
Layered Approach
Our system is module based but when deployed provides a complete end to end solution. This inclues the endpoints, network and data processing center. From there all application reqirements are served providing Management with their needs and high quality service to the customer.

Work Process

Each smartGRID implementation is different but always based on our common platform and modules. Configuring them makes quick work to get things rolling. This always requires some careful up front planning. Our process ensures success every time.

Research & Planning

Identification of Customer Needs and Requirements. Situational and Envionmental Factors Must Be Considered.

Concept & Design

Application Of Our Standard Platform While Respecting Best Practices And Existing Processes Gets Us To A Workable System To Implement

Development & Testing

The "Last Mile" Effort With Total Coverage Testing Ensures Quality

Launching & Happy Clients

Our Ultimate Goal. We Continue To Grow The Base Of Happy Customer With A 100% Success Rate