The fabric of smart cities is not one monolithic network but a series of layers of different networks providing specific service for a class of applications. We support a wide range of networks and hybrid deployments.

Innovative Wireless Strategies
Network performance is directly linked to network architecture. One network does not meet all needs. Bandwidth & Range need to be well understood for both requirement and environmental conditions
Smart Devices / IoT Are Everywhere
With the proliferation of IoT, devices are spread everywhere but generally only need a low bandwidth connection. Smart Meters is a example of this. Utilizing lower cost networking to deploy keeps higher bandwidth networks unclogged, this is especially important when considering the cost of operations such as on a cellular network.
Municipal or Private Networks
Networks can be deployed for private or singular use or to provide public access when part of a large infrastructure rollout.
Robust Mesh Networks
Self healing resilient mesh networks can be deployed for mission critical applications where access must be guaranteed. Meshing also provides a level of control for optimizing network management.