We provide transport authorities with fare and ride management combined with GPS tracking. This system gives a complete electronic fare management platform. For the rider its as easy as scan and go.

Innovation for Efficiency
Fare processing becomes optimized allowing for quicker loading of the bus or train. Smart Alerts via Smart Phone notifies users when their account needs to be funded.
Reducing Losses / Increasing Revenue
In regions that have different classes of riders, older systems were suseptable to misuse. Our system identifies the misuse while being able to manage the various classes of passengers fairly.
Smart Phone Apps
Using smart phone apps, you can get schedule information, ETA of next bus or train. Top of account with funds for use on the system. All easy, all convenient.
Modular Approach
You can add Fleet Management to the system which can have a maintenance module. Driver log books etc. The system can also be paired with our SmartSIGN technology to provide at station displays for ETA's and out meaningful dynamic information for the public.